CloudMan startup procedure

Added: 06 Mar 2013

When a CloudMan-enabled machine image is launched, the launched instance goes through a contextualization process. The end result of this process is start of the CloudMan application. The process proceeds as follows:

  1. cloudman upstart job runs (at launch level 2, 3, 4, or 5). The job definition is specified in /etc/init/cloudman.conf. There is no log output from running this script.
  2. script is executed next. This script is embeded in the image and is typically found in /usr/bin but some older imaged may have it  /opt/galaxy/pkg/bin/. The log output from this script is stored in the same directory as the script itself, called ec2autorun.log. This script processes the user data, downloads script from either the cluster's bucket (if the bucket exists) or from the default bucket and runs the script.
  3. /tmp/cm/ runs next. This script prepares the instance for CloudMan, starts the web server, downloads CloudMan (from the cluster's bucket or the default bucket) and then launches CloudMan. The log output for this script is in /tmp/cm/
  4. Finally, CloudMan starts. CloudMan runs in /mnt/cm and its log is stored in /mnt/cm/paster.log.

And there it is, a functional cluster in the cloud. 

Tags: deployment , development